Unity: coming inline dedupe is not a secret anymore

Later this year we’ll unveil our data deduplication capabilities in Dell EMC Unity.  We wanted to give an early glimpse into this technology which will help our customers further advance their IT modernization efforts. These new features leverage a variety of advanced patents to eliminate redundant data. They are optimized to ensure the most efficient use of available hardware resources.  In fact, we’ll support these improvements for all current and previous generations of Dell EMC Unity.

Dell EMC engineers designed the code to be an extension of inline compression so that applications that have compression enabled will automatically get more efficient. Best of all, deduplication will be available as a no-cost, non-disruptive upgrade. We’re really happy we can deliver the consistent performance levels that our customers expect while lowering costs





Let’s speak English

Друзья, с сегодняшнего дня в блоге будут появляться английские переводы моих постов. Делается по просьбе иностранных коллег. Приоритетным для меня продолжает оставаться русскоязычная аудитория, потому что я знаю как нашему интернету недостает нормального ресурса про DellEMC и все такое.  Так что без паники. Сначала буду писать на русском, и потом — на английском.


Dear English speaking readers.

From now on, English translations of my posts will appear in this blog. I hope you will enjoy it.